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With so many special elections lately, I figured now would be a good time to keep track of them all in one place. I will update the table as I find more information, here and on my website.

Here’s the link to the table on Google Sheets.

Seat Previous incumbent Reason seat is open Democrat(s) Republican(s) Election Date Presidential Results
Georgia’s 32nd House District Judson Hill (R) Resigned to run in GA-06 special Christine Triebsch Kay Kirkpatrick May 16, 2017
New Hampshire’s 6th House District (Carroll) Harold Parker (R) Resigned 02/15/2017 Edith DesMarais Matthew Plache May 23, 2017
New Hampshire’s 44th House District (Hillsborough) Andre Martel (R) Died 12/26/2016 James R. Morin Mark McLean May 23, 2017
New York’s 30th Senate District Bill Perkins (D) Elected to New York City Council 9th Council 02/14/2017 Brian Benjamin Dawn Simmons May 23, 2017
New York’s 9th Assembly District Joseph Saladino (R) Appointed Town Supervisor of Oyster Bay 01/30/2017 Christine Pellegrino Thomas Gargiulo May 23, 2017
Montana’s At Large Congressional District Ryan Zinke (R) Appointed Interior Secretary 03/01/2017 Rob Quist Greg Gianforte May 25, 2017 Trump 56%, Clinton 35%
South Carolina’s 84th House District Chris Corley (R) Resigned 01/04/2017 Jennifer Lariscey Ronnie Young May 30, 2017
California’s 34th Congressional District Xavier Becerra (D) Appointed CA Attorney General 01/24/2017 Robert Lee Ahn, Jimmy Gomez None June 6, 2017 Clinton 84%, Trump 11%
New Hampshire’s 16th Senate District Scott McGilvray (D) Died 03/21/2017 TBD (Jim Normand, Kevin Cavanaugh) David Boutin June 6, 2017
Tennessee’s 95th House District Mark Lovell (R) Resigned 02/16/2017 Julie Byrd Ashworth Kevin Vaughan June 15, 2017
South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District Mick Mulvaney (R) Appointed OMB Director 02/16/2017 Archie Parnell TBD 05/16/2017 (Ralph Norman, Tommy Pope) June 20, 2017 Trump 57%, Clinton 39%
Georgia’s 6th Congressional District Tom Price (R) Appointed HHS Secretary 02/10/2017 Jon Ossoff Karen Handel June 20, 2017 Trump 48%, Clinton 47%
South Carolina’s 48th House District Ralph W. Norman (R) Resigned to run in SC-05 special 02/16/2017 Bebs Barron Chorak Bruce Bryant June 20, 2017
South Carolina’s 70th House District Joseph Neal (D) Died 02/14/2017 TBD 05/16/2017 (Wendy Brawley, H. Heath Hill) Bill Strickland June 20, 2017
Massachusetts’ 4th Senate District (Middlesex) Kenneth Donnelly (D) Died 04/02/2017 TBD (Filing deadline 05/23/2017) TBD (Filing deadline 05/23/2017) June 27, 2017 (primary), July 25, 2017 (general)
Oklahoma’s 75th House District Dan Kirby (R) Resigned 03/01/2017 Karen Gaddis Tressa Nunley July 11, 2017
New Hampshire’s 18th House District (Merrimack) Andrew DeTreville (D) Resigned 02/02/2017 TBD 05/30/2017 (Kris Schulz, Marc Lacroix) Michael P. Feeley July 18, 2017
Florida’s 40th Senate District Frank Artiles (R) Resigned 04/21/2017 TBD (Filing deadline 05/31/2017) TBD (Filing deadline 05/31/2017) July 25, 2017 (primary), September 26, 2017 (runoff)
Missouri’s 28th Senate District Mike Parson (R) Elected Missouri Lieutenant Governor, took office 01/09/2017 TBD TBD August 8, 2017
Missouri’s 50th House District Caleb Jones (R) Resigned to become deputy chief of staff to Gov. Eric Greitens 01/03/2017 Michela Skelton Sara Walsh August 8, 2017
Rhode Island’s 13th Senate District M. Teresa Paiva Weed (D) Resigned to assume Presidency of Hospital Association of Rhode Island TBD (Filing deadline 06/09/2017) TBD (Filing deadline 06/09/2017) July 18, 2017 (primary), August 22, 2017 (general)
United States Senate (Alabama) Jeff Sessions (R) Appointed Attorney General 02/09/2017 Ron Crumpton, Doug Jones, Robert Kennedy, Jr. Luther Strange (incumbent), Randy Brinson, Dom Gentile, Ed Henry, Roy Moore December 12, 2017 Trump 62%, Clinton 34%
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  • shamlet May 13, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Thanks! FYI – the Election Calendar above has all the dates for the ones I know about. For candidates I find ballotpedia a good resource. https://ballotpedia.org/State_legislative_special_elections,_2017

    R, MD-7. Put not your trust in princes. Process is more important than outcome.

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