Maine Resources

Population: 1,329,328 (2015)

Filing deadline: March 15, 2018.

Primary: June 12, 2018.

Maine (D+6) is a moderate state with many freethinking voters who often give significant support to various third parties and independent candidates. It is 96% White.


Electors: 4. Maine is a moderately Democratic state in Presidential elections. Maine is one of two states to award Electoral Votes according to Congressional district.

Senators: 1 Repub­lican, 1 Independent.

Angus King

Senator class 1: Angus King (I)
Committees: Armed Services, Budget, Energy, Rules, Intelligence.

Democratic nominee: ?
Independent nominee: Angus King
Republican nominee: ?

Rating, Jan 24, 2017:
Likely Ind.

Status, May 11, 2017:
Independent lawyer and businessman Angus King (b.1944) served as Governor from 1995-2003. He won election to the Senate in 2012, with 53%. After caucusing with the Democrats, that party most likely will not run a serious opponent next time.

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Susan Collins

Senator class 2: Susan Collins (R)
Committees: Appropriations, Health & Education, Intelligence.

Democratic nominee: ?
Republican nominee: Susan Collins

Rating, Jan 24, 2017:

Status, May 15, 2016:
Political scientist Susan Collins (b.1952) was first elected in 1996 and won 68% in 2014.

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Representatives: 2 Representatives; 1 Democrat and 1 Republican.

Chellie Pingree

District 1
Representative: Chellie Pingree (D)
Committees: Appropriations.

Democratic nominee: Chellie Pingree
Republican nominee: ?

Rating, Jan 11, 2017:
Safe Dem.

Status, Jan 11, 2017:
The district (D+9) covers the southern coastal areas of Maine, including Portland and Augusta. It is 95% White. Businesswoman and State Senator Chellie Pingree (b.1955) was first elected in 2008 and won 58% in 2016.

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Bruce Poliquin

District 2
Representative: Bruce Poliquin (R)
Committees: Financial Services, Veterans.

Democratic nominee: ?
Republican nominee
: Bruce Poliquin

Rating, Jan 11, 2017:
Leans GOP.

Status, Jan 11, 2017:
The district (D+3) contains appx. 80% of Maine, including Bangor, and is the largest district east of the Mississippi. It is 96% White. Businessman and State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin (b.1953) won the seat in 2014, and held it in 2016 with 55%.

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Inauguration Day: The first Tuesday of January.

The Governor of Maine is term limited after 2 x 4 years. After 4 years, s/he can run for 2 x 4 more years.

Paul LePage

Governor: Paul LePage (R)

Democratic nominee: ?
Republican nominee: ?

Rating, May 20, 2017:

Status, May 15, 2016:
Businessman and Mayor Paul LePage (b.1948) was elected in 2010 with only 38% and only won because the left’s votes were split between a Democrat and an Independent. Despite his controversial style, he was re-elected with 48% in 2014. He is now term limited.

The President of the State Senate is next in line to the Governor’s office.

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State Senate: 35 (17D / 18R). Term: 2 years. Elections in 2018.
State House: 151 (77D / 72R / 2I). Term: 2 years. Elections in 2018.

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