New Hampshire Resources

Population: 1,330,608 (2015)

Filing deadline: June 15, 2018.

Primary: Sep. 11, 2018.

New Hampshire (D+1) is the first state to arrange Presidential primaries every 4 years. It has long been the most conservative state in New England and is considered a swing state. It is 94% White.


Electors: 4. New Hamps­hire is a swing state in Presidential elections.

Sena­tors: 2 Demo­crats.

Jeanne Shaheen

Senator class 2: Jeanne Sha­heen (D)
Committees: Appropriations, Armed Services, Foreign Relations, Small Business (Ranking), Ethics.

Democratic nominee: Jeanne Sha­heen
Republican nominee: ?

Rating, Jan 24, 2017:

Status, May 23, 2016:
Political scientist and State Senator Jeanne Sha­heen (b.1947) served two terms as Governor before running against GOP Congressman John Sununu in the 2002 Senate election. She lost, but got her revenge in the 2008 rematch. She was re-elected in 2014 with 51%.

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Maggie Hassan

Senator class 3: Maggie Hassan (D)
Committees: Homeland Security, Health & Education, Commerce.

Democratic nominee: Maggie Hassan
Republican nominee: ?

Rating, Jan 24, 2017:

Status, Jan 24, 2017:
Lawyer, State Senator and Governor Maggie Hassan (b.1958) won this seat in 2016, taking 48% against a GOP incumbent.

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Repre­sen­tatives: 2 Repre­sen­tatives; both Democrats.

Carol Shea-Porter

District 1
Representative: Carol Shea-Porter (D)
Committees: Armed Services, Education.

Democratic nominee: ?
Republican nominee: ?

Rating, June 17, 2016:

Status, Nov 16, 2017:
The district (R+1) covers southeastern areas of the state, including Manchester and is 94% White. The Dems took back this swing seat, which has switched sides with each election since 2010. Their candidate has been former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (b.1952), who won the second of her fourth runs against an incumbent Republican with 44% in 2016. She is retiring in 2018.

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Ann Kuster

District 2
Representative: Ann Kuster (D)
Committees: Agriculture, Veterans.

Democratic nominee: Ann Kuster
Republican nominee: ?

Rating, May 23, 2016:
Likely Dem.

Status, Jan 24, 2017:
The district (D+3) covers the rest of the state, including Concord and Nashua. It is 94% White. Lawyer Ann Kuster (b.1956) took the seat on her second attempt in 2012 and won 50% in 2016.

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Inauguration Day: Wednesday after the first Tuesday of January.

The Governor of New Hampshire has no term limits, but only serves for two years at a time.

Chris Sununu

Governor: Chris Sununu (R)

Democratic nominee: ?
Republican nominee: Chris Sununu

Rating, Sep 16, 2017:
Likely GOP.

Status, Jan 24, 2017:
The GOP took this office with Executive Councilor Chris Sununu, who is the son of a former Governor and the brother of a former US Senator. He won 49% in 2016.

The State Senate President is next in line to the Governor’s Office.

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State Senate: 24 (10D / 14R). Term: 2 years. Elections in 2018.
State House: 400 (173D / 227R). Term: 2 years. Elections in 2018.

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