Virgin Islands Resources

Population: 106,000 (2010)

Filing deadline: May, 2018.

Primary: Aug. 4, 2018.

The Virgin Islands is a former Danish colony that was sold to the US in 1916.


The islands elect a non-voting Representative to the House. It does not participate in the Presidential elections, but sends delegates to the conventions.

Stacey Plaskett

Representative: Stacey Plaskett (D)
Committees: Agriculture, Oversight.

Democratic nominee: Stacey Plaskett
Republican nominee: ?

Rating Jan 7, 2017:
Safe Dem.

Status, Jan 7, 2017:
Lawyer Stacey Plaskett (b.1966) won the open seat in 2014 with 91%. She was unopposed in 2016.

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Kenneth Mapp

Governor: Kenneth Mapp (I)

Democratic nominee: ?
Independent nominee: Kenneth Mapp

Rating Jan 23, 2017:

Status, May 23, 2016:
Territorial Senator and LG Kenneth Mapp (b.1955) won the office in the 2014 Run-Off with 64%. Mapp ran as an independent, but in reality, he has a history as a Republican (Republicans don’t really have an organized party in the USVI).

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Osbert Potter

Lieutenant Governor: Osbert Potter (I)

Democratic nominee: ?
Independent nominee: Osbert Potter

Rating Jan 23, 2017:

Status, May 23, 2016:
The LG is chosen by the gubernatorial nominee and elected on the same ticket. Mapp chose Territorial Senator and veteran Osbert Potter (b.1956).

News about this office.

Territorial Legislature: 15 (11D / 1IC / 3I). Term: 2 years. Elections in 2018.

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