RRH Elections State Comparison Maps

Here we have sets of maps for comparing various attributes of states. Please let us know, either by e-mail or comments, what other questions you would like to see answered by reference maps of this type.

LG Selection Methods:

Red = LG is elected separately from the Governor
Dark Blue = Gov nominees choose their LGs after the primary (Presidential system)
Light Blue = Gov candidates choose their LGs before the primary (Team Primary)
Green = Gov and LG candidates run separately in the primary but on a single ticket in the general (Shotgun Wedding)
Yellow = No LG, SoS is first in line of succession
Gray = No LG, State Senate President is first in line of succession.

US House Special Election Rules:

Blue = Regular Partisan primaries and generals
Red = Party committees or insiders nominate candidates
Green = Louisiana Rules Top Two “Jungle Primary”
Brown = California Rules Top Two
Purple = Louisiana Rules Top Two, non-partisan election
Yellow = All-party first-past-the-post winner-take-all
Orange = Party committees nominate, but a general election runoff if no one takes 50%

NYC Council Districts by 2016 Presidential Results (thanks to cinyc)

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