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Political Roundup for December 5th, 2017

Check back at noon today for our preview and open thread for today’s mayoral election in Atlanta. We will start our liveblog at 7pm eastern.


ME-Gov: Rep. Chellie Pingree (D) is considering a run for governor in 2018. Pingree has said she will decide by the end of the month whether to enter the race to succeed term limited Gov. Paul LePage (R).

MD-Gov, MD-LG: Gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous (D) has picked former Maryland Democrat chair Susan Turnbull as his running mate. Jealous is facing Baltimore CE Kevin Kamenetz (D), Prince George’s CE Rushern Baker (D), State Sen. Rich Maladeno (D), and others in the primary to take on popular Gov. Larry Hogan (R).

OH-Gov: Richard Cordray (D) will announce his candidacy for Governor today in his hometown of Grove City, OH. This comes as a complete shock to us because based on his blatant politicization of the CFPB we had assumed Cordray had been running for governor for some time. Luckily for Cordray the Governor of Ohio doesn’t get to handpick his successor on his last day in office. That is a power Cordray believes should only be saved for unelected directors of powerful and unaccountable bureaucratic federal agencies.

SC-Gov, SC-LG: Businessman John Warren (R) is considering a run for governor. If he runs Warren would be the fifth Republican in the race joining incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster, former Lt. Gov. Yancey McGill , Catherine Templeton and Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant. Meanwhile, McMaster has chosen upstate Some Dudette businesswoman Pamela Evette (R) as his running mate; the state is switching from separate election to Team Primaries for LG this cycle.

TX-Gov: Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez (D) says she’s still considering a run for governor, but that reports that she has resigned to run for governor are false. With incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott (R) sitting on over $41 million in cash and sporting sky high approval ratings Valdez may want to keep her day job and let Mr. Leather International be the sacrificial lamb instead.


AL-Sen: With the Flight 93 election taken to its logical conclusion Roy Moore (R) leads Doug Jones by a 49% to 46% margin with write-in candidate Lee Busby at 5% in the latest Emerson College poll. President Donald J. Trump has gone all in in his support of alleged child molester Roy Moore because in 2017 we are long past the point in which anything matters anymore.

AL-Sen: Debbie Wesson Gibson has shared more evidence of the relationship she had with Roy Moore (R) when she was a 17 year old high school student and he was a 34 year old man. Gibson released a handwritten graduation card from Moore to her and recounted her experiences dating Moore in the early 1980s. After telling Sean Hannity that he remembered Gibson as a “good girl” Moore has backtracked and begun publicly claiming he did “not know any of these women”. It was this lie that prompted Gibson to come forward with more evidence of their relationship. In response to the latest evidence that Roy Moore dated underage girls the Republican National Committee has resumed their support of Moore because nothing matters anymore.

ND-Sen: State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt (R) has decided not to run for Senate. Schmidt was heavily recruited to run by the Club for Growth. They even released poll in September that showed Schmidt leading incumbent Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D) by a 4 point 48% to 44% margin. Last week Border States Electric CEO Tammy Miller (R) also declined to run for Senate. So far state Sen. Tom Campbell is the only Republican in the race but Rep. Kevin Cramer could also switch the the senate race. Former Rep. Rick Berg, who narrowly lost to Heitkamp in 2012, is also considering a run.

NJ-Sen: Former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer Michael Starr Hopkins is exploring a primary challenge to defendant sitting Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez. Menendez recently escaped justice with a hung jury in his first federal corruption trial. Federal prosecutors plan to re-try him in 2018.

UT-Sen: Donald Trump is reportedly going all out to convince Sen. Orrin Hatch (R) to seek re-election in 2018. Apparently Trumpworld thinks an 83 year old Orrin Hatch would be easier to control than a principled Sen. Mitt Romney (R) unafraid to speak his mind as he does here.


CO-3: Attorney and Glenwood Springs City official Karl Hanlon (D) is in and will take on State Rep. Diane Mitch-Busch (D) in the primary for the right to face Rep. Scott Tipton (R) in this R+6 seat.

HI-1: Honolulu City Councilman Ernie Martin (D) has entered the race for the open D+17 seat Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D) is vacating to run for governor. Martin will join state Sen. Donna Mercado Kim and state Rep. Kaniela Ing in seeking the Democrat nomination.

MA-3: Banker and former Cambodian refugee Bopha Malone (D) is in and now we have 12 Democrats running to replace Rep. Niki Tsongas (D) in this D+9 seat! Luckily for the Democrats Massachusetts doesn’t have California top two style jungle primary so the clown car is unlikely to hurt them all that much.

NC-2: Distillery owner Sam Searcy is dropping out of the Democratic primary for this R+7 seat held by Rep. George Holding (R) and will run for the state Senate instead. The wealthy Searcy has been self funding his campaign. Tech executive Ken Romley and former state Rep. Linda Coleman are both still seeking the Democrat nomination.

TX-6: Tarrant County Assessor Ron Wright (R) has filed to run for the R+9 seat photogenic Rep. Joe Barton (R) is retiring from. Wright once served as Barton’s chief of staff.

TX-21: Bexar GOP chair Robert Stovall has announced he is running to replace retiring Rep. Lamar Smith (R) in this R+10 seat. State Rep. Jason Isaac (R) is so far the only other prominent candidate for the seat.

TX-29: Riceland Health Care CEO Tahir Javed (D) filed papers to run for the D+19 seat of retiring Rep. Gene Green (D). Javed joins state Sen. Sylvia Garcia, Dominique Michelle Garcia, teacher Hector Morales, and attorney Roel Garcia in seeking the Democrat nomination.

PPP-Polling: A new poll from PPP shows Gene Ric (D) leading Republican incumbents in CA-25, IA-1, CO-6, VA-10, ME-2 and NY-24. Now all Democrats need to do is find one person named “Gene Ric” who lives in each of these six districts and convince them to run for Congress.

WATN: Former Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) has been sentenced to five years in prison for funneling money into a sham charity she looted.

RIP: Former Rep. John Anderson has passed away at age 95. Anderson was a Rockefeller Republican from Illinois who served 20 years in the House and ran an Independent campaign for President in 1980 and won just under 7% of the vote.

State, Local & Other:

CT-AG: State Rep. William Tong (D) is exploring a bid for the open Attorney General spot and ex-State Rep. John Shaban (R) is in. Meanwhile, there’s some chatter about changing the 10-year practicing law requirement, which makes it one of the strictest offices in the nation to qualify for.

MN-AG: St. Paul City attorney Samuel Clark (D), a former Klobuchar aide, is considering a run for Attorney General. He would join Dayton admin official Mike Rothman (D), State Rep. Debra Hillstrom (D) and ex-State Rep. Ryan Winkler (D).

NM-Auditor: Gov. Susana Martinez (R) has picked Bernalillo County commissioner and unsuccessful 2017 Albuquerque Mayoral candidate Wayne Johnson (R) to fill the Auditor’s seat for the rest of the term. Tim Keller (D) resigned as Auditor last Thursday after he was elected to become the new Mayor of Albuquerque; State Rep. Bill McCamley (D) is in the race for Dems.

NM-LG: Former independent Albuquerque mayoral candidate Michelle Garcia Holmes has changed her voter registration to Republican and will seek the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor next year. Holmes’ announcement comes after former state Indian Affairs Secretary Kelly Zunie withdrew from the race, leaving the Republican Party without a potential candidate. Zunie had tax and residency problems. Rep. Steve Pearce is the only Republican currently running for governor in the shotgun-wedding primary.

ND-SoS: GOP official Will Gardner (R) is primarying longtime incumbent Alvin Jaeger (R), who has announced he will seek an eighth term.

NV-Treas: Ex-State Rep. Andrew Martin (D), who lost a race for Comptroller in the 2014 wave, is running for the open Treasurer seat; incumbent Dan Schwartz (R) is running for Governor.

OH-Treas: 2006 nominee and ex-Ashtabula County Auditor Sandy O’Brien (R) is running again for Treasure. O’Brien probably doesn’t have much chance against State Rep. Robert Sprague (R) in the primary, as she has lost multiple primaries and only won in ’06 against an incumbent closely tied to the toxic Gov. Taft. Former Cincinnati Mayoral candidate Rob Richardson (D) is the likely D nominee.

MA-State Senate President: Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D) is temporarily stepping down from his position after bombshell sexual misconduct allegations against his husband Bryon Hefner have come to light.

CA-AD 45: Yuck! Assemblyman Matt Dababneh (D) is allegedly one sick SOB!

Atlanta-Mayor: Ahead of today’s mayoral runoff election a new Channel 2 Action News/Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll shows City Councilwoman has Mary Norwood (I) at 51.3 percent and Councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) at 45.1 percent.

Political Roundup for May 22nd, 2017

As Washington gets a breather while Trump is abroad doing the foreign policy that he seems to be halfway decent at, let’s catch up on the electoral news that dropped over the weekend.


CA-10/CA-25/CA-45/CA-48/CA-49: Democrats are targeting Reps. Jeff Denham, Mimi Walters, Steve Knight, Darrell Issa, and Dana Rohrabacher (plus two more who are unnamed) over their votes for the AHCA. Politico is actually fairly skeptical that this strategy will work given how much time that there is for the AHCA to fade from public consciousness. As always, the money quotation is from former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown (D).

MT-AL: Shocking anyone who knows anything about Native American politics, the Crow Nation (led by the awesomely-named Chief A.J. Not Afraid) has endorsed Republican nominee Greg Gianforte ahead of the special election to replace Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. It’s possible that the reason for the move is that Gianforte is a big booster of coal. A coal mine on Crow land is a major source of income for the tribe.

PA-07: Congressional hopeful Dan Muroff (D-Gun Control Fetishists Anonymous) has been endorsed by former Gov. Ed ‘Fast Eddie’ Rendell (D) in his bid to topple Rep. Pat Meehan (R-Bulletproof). I’d say that this is a big get for Muroff, and I guess it is, but Rendell’s endorsees for suburban seats always seem to suffer fairly embarrassing defeat.

UT-03: After Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R) announced his retirement, the Utah officials wasted no time in setting the dates for a special election. The parties must choose designees (presumably by district conventions) by June 30th for an August 15th primary. The general election will be held on November 7th. Normally another special election would be a headache for the GOP, but this district is safely Republican, even with President Trump’s bad approval numbers.


CT-Gov: A commission has ruled that Bridgeport Mayor and convicted felon Joe Ganim (D) cannot receive public funding for his gubernatorial campaign because, well, the felon thing. Connecticut law prohibits public financing from going to felons. So let me get this straight: a dude who sold some weed once can’t get public financing that his rivals can get, but brutal murderers can’t be executed? If you ask me, the Nutmeg State has its priorities all out of whack. Anyway, given the the clown car nature of the Democratic primary, Ganim still might have a chance at winning. The Republican primary is equally crowded.

PA-Gov/PA-Sen: Rep. Mike Kelly (R) ended his short-lived exploratory gubernatorial bid on Friday. However, rumors are already swirling that he may instead challenge Sen. Bob Casey (D) in 2018. That might put him on a collision course with Rep. Lou Barletta (R), who is also mulling a run against Pennsylvania’s favorite Heir Force General.


OH-Voter Fraud: As the Aerosmith tune says, ‘it’s the same old story, same old song and dance.’ Yes, voter fraud does happen and needs to be addressed. However, as an investigation in Ohio found, the amount of fraud isn’t typically very high. Only 52 people voted fraudulently in Ohio in 2016. That’s 52 too many, but it’s not a crisis.

TX-GOP: Tom Mechler, Chairman of the mighty Republican Party of Texas, has announced his resignation in a bit of surprise. No one’s quite sure why, though he cited personal reasons. Whatever the impetus, campaigns will now begin in earnest for one of the most influential state party chairmanships in the country.

TX-Straight Ticket: With both houses of the legislature having passed the repeal of straight ticket voting in Texas, it now heads to the desk of Gov. Greg Abbott (R). The Governor is likely to sign the bill, finally achieving the law change that has been on Lone Star Republicans’ wish lists for decades.

Denver: The only city in America where it is socially acceptable to wear an external-frame backpack downtown may be on the verge of having a public financing option for municipal candidates. Signature-gathering hasn’t even started yet, but if put on the ballot, the new option and other campaign finance restrictions would likely pass. The only major opponent will likely be unions, who would be banned from making contributions under the proposal. If you don’t click any other link in this roundup, click this one; the picture that the author picked is hilarious and unintentionally captures the left-wing tendencies of ends over means and constitutional illiteracy perfectly.


Iran: Prince of Persia, err, President Hassan Rouhani (Less Nuts Than Ahmadinejad) has won reelection by a 20-point margin. His party also captured the Tehran City Council, which is often a training ground for national politicians in the making. Iran will likely now have limited expansions of personal freedoms in the near future.

UK: As the Tory lead narrows from gargantuan to merely very large, some pols are already positioning for what happens after the election. Corbynland has already been signaling that Her Majesty’s Most Marxist Opposition is going to try and keep control of the Labour Party after the election. There have already been rumblings that a group of approximately 100 Labour MPs are ready to break away if a defeated Corbyn refuses to step aside. Now there’s an even more interesting twist: former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair is talking about forming a new centrist party around this breakaway group, at least in private talks with donors. What’s the problem with that, you ask? The problem is that Blair is still hideously unpopular (even moreso than Comrade Corbyn). SDP Part Deux is going to be fun.

Political Roundup for May 16th, 2017

Tonight is the SC-5 Republican Congressional primary runoff between Tommy Pope and Ralph Norman, the Pittsburgh Mayoral election, L.A. City Council elections and various legislative special elections and municipal elections. See HERE for our preview of all of today’s elections and check back with us tonight at 7PM for our liveblog with all the results of today’s races.

Polling Update: We are still trying to raise money for polling~ If you would like to help make the polls possible please go to: and contribute today!


CA-Gov: 32 year old Silicon Valley venture capitalist Sam Altman confirmed that he may throw his hat into the ring and run for Governor. Altman is the president of Y Combinator, a start-up technology incubator that has invested in companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox and Stripe. He is a registered Democrat, has been a loud critic of Donald Trump and funds a voter engagement non-profit. If he runs for governor Altman could self fund his campaign.

HI-Gov:  State Rep. Bob McDermott (R) has officially entered the race for Governor. McDermott is one of only five Republican members of the Hawaii state legislature and would face an uphill task of winning in Hawaii as a Republican.

PA-Gov: State House Speaker Mike Turzai (R) has sent a letter to Republican State Committee members telling them he is seriously considering a run for Governor.

VA-Gov: Contrary to reported rumors Corey Stewart (R) did not drop out of the race for Governor. Instead he teased everyone into watching him give a speech in which he did not denounce racist white nationalist Richard Spencer or his pro-Confederate neo-KKK torch lit protest in Charlottesville, VA. Stewart’s support for keeping monuments to the Confederacy has become the focal point of the native Minnesotans campaign for Governor of Virginia. By tying himself to racist white nationalist, Stewart has completely beclowned himself and hopefully will get destroyed by Ed Gillespie in the June 13th GOP primary.


AL-Sen: Rep. Mo Brooks (R) announced that he will run in Alabama’s special Senate election later this year. Brooks, who has been aligned with the Tea Party and is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, will challenge appointed Sen. Luther Strange (R). Brooks will not have to give up his House seat to run in the special election. State Rep. Ed Henry, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, businessman Dom Gentile, and Christian Coalition of Alabama President Randy Brinson are all running for the GOP Senate nomination already. Alabama Senate President Pro Tempore Del Marsh is also taking steps toward running. On the Democratic side, former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones and medical marijuana advocate Ron Crumpton are running.

MO-Sen: Rep. Ann Wag­n­er (R) is planning to enter the Senate race in July, according to two sources familiar with her plans. Private polling has show her already leading Sen. Claire Mc­Caskill (D).


AZ-1: The GOP blew a prime opportunity at picking up this open house seat in 2016 when a divided Republican primary allowed scandal tarred Sheriff Paul Babeu to win the GOP primary with 30% of the vote. Donald Trump won this district by a 48% to 47% margin while Babeu lost by a 51% to 43% margin. Hoping to avoid the same mistake in 2018 local Republicans are trying to rally around and clear the field for state Sen. Steve Smith (R) who just announced he will challenge freshman Rep. Tom O’Halloran (D).

AZ-2: Democrat Matt Heinz sponsored an internal PPP poll that showed both him and Anne Kirkpatrick (D) beating incumbent Rep. Martha McSally (R) by 4 points 48% to 44%. This poll should be taken with a massive grain of salt. McSally beat Heinz by a 54% to 46% margin in 2016 while Hillary Clinton was winning this district by 5 points. The polling of Kirkpatrick is an interesting wrinkle. While Kirkpatrick represented the neighboring AZ-1 she lives near Flagstaff which is a good 265 miles away from AZ-2.

CA-25: Attorney Bryan Caforio (D)  announced he will seek a rematch against Rep. Steve Knight (R) in 2018. Knight beat Caforio 53.1% to 46.9% in 2016 while Hillary was beating Donald Trump 50% to 44%. Two other Democrats, Vulcanologist Jess Phoenix and non-profit executive Katie Hill, also announced they will be running in the top two jungle primary.

GA-6: With a little more than 5 weeks to go before the June 20th election Gravis finds Hans Solo Jon Ossoff (D) holds a 47% to 45% lead over Karen Handel (R). It is worth noting that Ossoff is polling one point worse than he did in the primary and that this poll is assuming a 29% African American electorate in a district that is 13% black.

GA-6: The GOP is sending in the cavalry to help Karen Handel (R) win. Handel has already landed visits from President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan and Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Marco Rubio are planning to come to the district and campaign for her as well.

OH-1: One term former Rep. Steve Driehaus (D) is returning home after spending the last six years working in the Peace Corps in Africa. He has ruled out seeking a re-match with Rep. Steve Chabot (R) or seeking any other political office in the future.

MT-AL: Three of the more important Montana newspapers, the Independent Record (Helena), the Billings Gazette and the Missoulian (Missoula) endorsed Republican Greg Gianforte for Congress. The Gazette noted that “Quist seems unable to tell the truth about his own finances and may even be ducking property taxes that most of us would have to pay” and that “The Montana Democratic Party owns much of Quist’s failure. It seems unable to use Google to find basic information, and sadly has a remarkable recent track record of fielding subpar candidates”.

NY-14: Rep. Joe Crowley (D) has spent $70,000 of campaign funds on renting a “campaign” office from his brother that is located outside of his district. This could be a violation of House Ethics rules

NY-27:  Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) threw cold water on some Democrats hope that she would seek a rematch with Rep. Chris Collins (R) in 2018. Collins unseated Hochul in 2012 beating her by a narrow 50.8% to 49.2% margin. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) then picked Hochul to be his running mate in 2014. Hochul says she fully anticipates running again with Gov. Cuomo in 2018. Hochul would have to be insane to voluntarily give up her cushy job as Lt. Governor for a long shot run at beating Rep. Chris Collins. Collins won re-election in 2016 with 62.3% of the vote while Donald Trump was winning his district by a 60% to 35% margin. Her husband William Hochul, who is a former US Attorney from western New York, might be a more logical recruit for the Democrats for this seat.

TX-7: So far a total of seven Democrats have announced their intent to challenge Rep. John Culberson (R) in 2018. In his 9 terms in Congress Culberson has never won election with less than a 12 point margin of victory. But that hasn’t stopped Jason Westin, Alex Triantaphyllis, Debra Kerner, Joshua Butler, and James Cargas from wanting to run. But clearly 5 potential Democrat candidates are not enough to take on a historically safe GOP incumbent in a district in which Hillary Clinton won 48.5% of the vote. So last week #Resistance member Laura Moser launched a campaign and this week Houston lawyer Lizzie Pannill Fletcher has entered the race as well. Hopefully the number of potential Democrat challengers can reached double digits before the Texas filing deadline closes.

VA-10: A fifth Democrat has entered the race to challenge Rep. Barbara Comstock (R). Former Naval intelligence officer David Hanson will join former teachers union head Kimberly Adams, Army veteran Dan Helme, former Obama administration official Lindsey Davis Stover and state Sen. Jennifer Wexton in seeking the Democrat nomination. The DCCC recruited Wexton to run and pushed Virginia 1st Lady Dorothy McAuliffe out of the race, but they clearly can’t completely clear the field for her. Hopefully this large Democrat primary field will get larger and bloodier!

State, Local & Other:

NC-Voter Fraud: An investigation by the North Carolina Board of Elections has found that 508 voters who cast ballots last November were not eligible to vote. 441 votes came from active felons who were ineligible to vote, 41 votes came from non-citizens, 24 came from people who voted twice and 2 votes came from people who falsely voted using the name of a family member who’d recently died. Considering that just under 4.75 million votes were cast, 508 ineligible votes seems like a pretty reasonable error rate. With that said it does not mean that more could not be done to make that rate even lower. Unfortunately, both Democrats and Republicans would rather play politics with the issue of voter fraud than actually work together to pass sensible election reforms to lower the rate that these type of voter errors occur.

U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican: Donald Trump has tapped Callista Gingrich, the wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, to be the next U.S. ambassador to the Vatican

Political Roundup for March 15, 2017


MA-Sen: Businessman Rick Green has decided to not seek the Republican nomination for US Senate next year. Although not a high profile candidate, Green was seen as somebody who had the ability to self-fund. Other Republicans looking at the race against Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) include state Rep. Geoff Diehl (R) and businessman John Kingston.


CA-25: Katie Hill, the director of an organization that helps the homeless, is running to challenge Rep. Steve Knight (R). She says she can appeal to swing voters who may have voted for Hillary Clinton but also voted for Knight(both won the district by about 6 points), pointing out that her family is half Republican. Bryan Caforio (D), whom Knight defeated in 2016 is also considering running again.

CA-48: Democratic businessman Harley Rouda, who decided a couple of weeks ago to run against Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R), has already raised over $100,000 in donations since getting into the race. Some Democratic challengers in normally red districts(CA-48 did go for Clinton by about 2 points last year after going for Romney by 12 points in 2012) seem to be able to raise money well-whether that translates into votes is still an open question.

NH-1: State Sen. Andy Sanborn (R) is seriously considering a run for Congress next year. Sanborn met with officials from the NRCC last week in Washington. He is considered one of the top conservative leaders in the state legislature. State Rep. John Burt (R) is also considering a run.

SD-AL: Secretary of State Shantel Krebs (R) is in for South Dakota’s at-large House seat that Rep. Kristi Noem (R) is giving up to run for governor. Krebs is the second Republican in the race, joining Dusty Johnson, former chief of staff to Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R).


IL-Gov: Billionaire businessman J.B. Pritzker has set up an exploratory committee to run for the Democratic nomination for governor next year. 3 Democrats have already announced bids to run against Gov. Bruce Rauner (R). They are businessman Chris Kennedy, Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar and school superintendent Bob Daiber. State Sen. Daniel Biss (D) is also considering a run.

SC-Gov: State Rep. James Smith (D) is apparently ready to enter the race for governor soon. Smith is said to be the only Democrat laying the groundwork for a run. Others considered possible candidates have denied interest. South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Harrison, who ran for DNC Chair, says he will not run for governor despite reports indicating he was considering a bid. Former state Rep. Bakari Sellers (D) says he has nothing to announce and state Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell (D) says she is leaning against running.

WI-Gov: Democratic businessman Andy Gronik says he will decide fairly soon whether to enter the race. He says it will be more than a couple of weeks before he decides, but won’t be months either. Also, Bob Harlow, a Democrat and recent Stanford University graduate who took 7% of the vote in the primary for CA-18 last year has announced is running for governor.

State & local:

AZ-SOS: State Senate Minority Leader Katie Hobbs (D) is running for Secretary of State. Hobbs may have competition in the Democratic primary-Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (D) has a campaign committee for the office but hasn’t said yet whether he will run. Current Secretary of State Michele Reagan (R) is running for re-election.

CA-AG: San Bernardino County DA Mike Ramos (R) will not run for Attorney General next year and instead will run for re-election as DA. Ramos would have faced an uphill race against appointed AG Xavier Becerra (D), but was considered Republicans’ best and most prominent prospect.

Charlotte Mayor: City Councilman Kenny Smith is the first Republican to announce a run for Mayor of Charlotte. Despite controlling the mayor’s office continuously from 1987-2009, no Republican has been elected since 2007 when Pat McCrory won the last of his record 7 2-year terms. Mayor Jennifer Roberts (D) is running again and Vice Mayor Vi Lyles (D) and state Sen. Joel Ford (D) are running in the Democratic primary as well.

Staten Island Borough President: After serving 7 months in prison for tax fraud, former Rep. Michael Grimm (R) is considering a return to politics and considering running for Staten Island Borough President. He is said to have the backing of former Borough President(and Congressman) Guy Molinari (R). But insiders say he would have a tough time finding much more support to run against current BP Jimmy Oddo (R).


RIP: Former Rep. Kika de la Garza (D) of Texas has died at the age of 89. De la Garza represented TX-15 from 1965-97 and was chairman of the House Agriculture Committee from 1981-95. In 1978, Rep. Leo Ryan (D) of California asked de la Garza to accompany him on a fact-finding trip to Guyana to visit the mission colony of cult leader Jim Jones. De la Garza decided not to go, citing the hectic schedule of the House. Ryan was killed on the trip by a Jones supporter as his plane tried to leave a nearby airstrip.

Wednesday Afternoon Roundup for November 9, 2016: Digesting the Results

Here’s a roundup of races that are close and/or still unsettled:

NH-Sen is the biggie. Hassan (D) is now up by 700 votes with one precinct remaining.

The other big uncalled race is NC-Gov, where Cooper (D) is up by a little over 5K votes out of over 4M cast. MT-Gov has a 2% lead for Bullock (D), but there are still ballots trickling in.

On the House side, it looks like Republicans have won in NE-2. Three California seats CA-7 and CA-49, plus the intraparty (D) CA-44, could flip in the postgame. Dems are up by 1.2% in CA-7, Republicans are up 2% in CA-49, and Barragan is up 2.4% in CA-44. Two other seats, CA-10 and CA-25, haven’t been officially called yet but look to be holds for their GOP incumbents as Republicans are up by 5% and 8% respectively.

Ranked Choice Voting looks to have passed in Maine. 8 out of 9 marijuana legalization ballot initiatives have passed. Only in Arizona did a marijuana legalization proposition get rejected by voters.

RRH Elections 2016 General Election Preview Series, Part 6: Western House Races

Today we are releasing the first installment of a two-part House preview series, covering House races in states west of the Mississippi (including LA and MN).

Here is the full schedule:

Part 1: Northeast Legislatures
Part 2: Midwest Legislatures
Part 3: Sunbelt Legislatures
Part 4: Western Legislatures
Part 5: Local Elections and Public Service Commissioners
Part 6 (Monday, October 31): Western House Races
Part 7 (Tuesday, November 1): Eastern House Races
Part 8 (Wednesday, November 2): Western Governor and Row Officer Races
Part 9 (Thursday, November 3): Eastern Governor and Row Officer Races
Part 10 (Friday, November 4): Senate Races

Flip over for the full previews!

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