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Thank you for visiting RRH Elections; here are some ground-rules we have drawn up for maintaining our site community. Please read these over and be sure to join us in the comments!

1) The nine moderators of RRH are: BostonPatriot, Daniel Surman, GoBigRedState, Greyhound, Izengabe, RRR, Ryan_in_SEPA, Shamlet, and Son_of_the_South. (They are also the names that appear on the bylines on the front page and in the “About” box on every page.) The judgment of the moderators on all matters regarding acceptable behavior on the site will be posted entirely in bold. These judgements are final and should not be argued in the comments. If you have issues with the actions of a moderator, please e-mail us at rrhelections@gmail.com.

2) We place a high premium on civility and creating a friendly environment. Disagreements on political and electoral subjects are more than welcome, but personal attacks should be avoided at all times. A good rule of thumb is that if you would not be comfortable making a comment to someone’s face in real life, refrain from making it on this site.

3) We focus on electoral politics. Comments should focus on that subject; if you wish to discuss other interests or your personal life, please take the discussion elsewhere unless expressly permitted in a given thread.

4) Discussion should avoid policy. We occasionally post threads to allow discussion of issues and policy topics, but otherwise comments and diaries should focus on electoral politics. Issues may be discussed as they relate to elections and political posturing.

5) We are a Republican elections website. While we welcome independents and Democrats to contribute to the site, no ‘cheerleading’ for Democratic candidates or causes will be permitted in the comments or diaries unless expressly permitted in a given thread. While we value the contributions of all of our readers, we also work hard to create a friendly environment for Republican electoral discussion in this corner of the Internet. Please respect that goal.

6) RRH has very little tolerance for “spin” from either side of the aisle. The comments are designed for readers to offer factual analysis or offer insight into particular races. Repetition of talking points or self-serving partisan claims (especially those of a liberal or non-Republican nature) does not add substantial value to the comments, and indeed is likely to open a distracting discussion regarding the merits of the spin itself.

7) Comments or diaries determined to be inappropriate or detracting from RRH’s mission may be deleted by the moderators at any time. If you wish to seek further explanation for a given deletion, please email us at rrhelections@gmail.com rather than clogging up the comments on posts.

8) Violations of RRH’s terms of use are punishable by anything from a warning to a lifetime ban on membership and commenting. Some bans — though not all — will occur subsequent to a warning being given. Once banned, however, a user is less likely to receive later warnings regarding similar conduct. The moderators collaboratively decide on punishments, and attempt to be consistent across various instances of misconduct. The ultimate discretion regarding sanctions lies with the moderators, of course, and that discretion will be used carefully and in service of providing a welcoming and valuable environment for our readers.

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